Ring Sizer


Image-0395 diamondsv2If you like it then you better put a ring on it ...but when it comes to love, size matters! Here's how to work out the correct measurements of your next ring purchase. Download our Ring Sizer here


Measure finger size:

If measuring for a ring at home, measure your/your beloved's finger size at the end of the day when warm (in the morning, fingers are cold and actually smaller!). Measure it 3 or 4 times, to be sure. A lot of people use paper or string to take a measurement, don't - they can stretch, giving you an incorrect finger size. Thin wire is best.
Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand. The ring should fit comfortably; tight enough not to slide off by itself, but loose enough that it will come off with a little tug.

Print document below to determine ring size:

NB! Before printing:Press CTRL+P

  • Set the Page Scaling to None on your print dialogue box;
  • Measure the bar on the left onscreen. It must be exactly 3cm long.

Lay the page flat and place the ring over the circles on the page, matching it to the circle nearest in size. This gives you the inside diameter of the ring, and a corresponding official ring size. If the ring seems to fall between two sizes of circle, then go for the larger size.

Guys, women, rings typically range from sizes 3 to 9, with the average being 6.
Ladies, your gent could be between 8 and 14, averaging 9. Fortunately, most rings can be resized (but not titanium).

For further assistance on ring sizing, please contact us on 0861 444 493