raw 173 3l pearls 399pxA gift shaped by nature…

Next time you take a look at your precious pearl jewellery, remember that it is one of a kind.
Pearls are the only ‘gemstone’ made by living animals, which gives them a special and unique allure. Who would have thought that it takes between 5 and 20 years for a salt water pearl to develop and between 1 and 6 years for a fresh water pearl to develop? Precious indeed!
Colours of pearl vary from pristine white to grey, red, blue, green – even black – depending where it is grown.

Did you know…

  • A pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc
  • All molluscs can make pearls, not just oysters
  • Like diamonds, every pearl is unique
  • The oldest known pearl jewellery fragment was found in a sarcophagus that was buried in about 500 BC
  • Irritants can enter oysters naturally, too, resulting in a ‘natural pearl’ being formed. These are rarer than human-cultivated pearls, and thus more expensive.

Pearls are very delicate and need to be gently cared for – once you have purchased your pearl jewellery, please be sure to read up on our tips for caring for your pearls.