About our Factory


No Malcolm in the middle means no mark-ups

What other retailer at the mall can offer you everyday savings of 35% on all merchandise – even before the sales and specials we so love having?

And how do we deliver on that claim? It's not just marketing babble; here's the true inside scoop:

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It began with the foresight of our founder, Hylton Rabinowitz, just two years into NWJ’s history (1985). Driven by the wish to offer exceptional jewellery at more reasonable prices than the industry norm, Hylton bought and incorporated into NWJ one of Durban’s oldest jewellery manufacturers, founded 1928.

Ever since, up to 45% of our range has been manufactured by our in-house facility, today based at KZN’s Millennium Bridge Business Park. With state of the art computing and laser technology, it has 12,000 lines of manufacturing. Stones are individually set in place and polished by hand, while eagle-eyed gemmologists personally select all the stones that go into our jewellery.

Controlling our own channel of sourcing, manufacture, supply and distribution makes it possible to be first to market with great  prices and equal (or better!) quality when compared with similar, imported products. We’ve never had that string of middle men that normally connects manufacturer with retailer, adding a mark-up at every stage and upping the end price. No middle men; just us, you and yay for your spending power.

Doing our own thing, our way, also allows us to reflect international trends fast – no waiting around for suppliers to catch a wake-up. Our people frequent the world’s top jewellery shows, such as the Hong Kong Fair, Baselword and Dubai International Jewellery Week – then come back wide-eyed with hundreds of examples of the latest trends, which we interpret for the SA market at our manufacturing site, or import directly.

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The ruby on top?  NWJ is still the only large jewellery manufacturer in Southern Africa, other than The Coin Company, holding the internationally approved SABS mark of guarantee of gold content. Any gold you buy from us has a guaranteed quality of gold as stated, be it 9 carat or 18 carat.

Well, with that it’s back to work. We’ve got some fresh new designs to wow you with next week...