Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. For us, it is more than just making sure we comply with the relevant legislation; you trust us with your personal information, and we respect that trust. This privacy notice explains why and how we collect, use, and store your personal information. If you have any questions, please email

Who we are (NWJ)
Luxe Jewellery and Watch Division (Pty) Ltd known as “NWJ” refers to, registration number 2007/033055/07, situated at 82 Armstrong Avenue, La Lucia, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 4051. Luxe Jewellery and Watch Division (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Luxe Holdings Limited duly incorporated in the Republic of South Africa. Luxe Jewellery and Watch Division (Pty) Ltd known as “NWJ” will be registered to process your Personal Information with the Information Regulator’s office.

What is this notice about?
We want you to understand who we are sharing your information with; what kind of information we are collecting and how we use the information.

In your day-to-day dealings with NWJ we obtain information about you. We want you to know exactly what that information is and what we do with it. After all, trust is nothing without transparency.

We need your information to deliver the right product, at the right time and to the right place.

This includes making sure that you can receive the benefit of promotional offerings by analysing your data to better understand what your needs are and sending you promotional information.

The Protection of Personal Information Act protects you.
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) is aimed at protecting your personal information and prescribes what we must and must not do with it. POPI created an Information Regulator who checks that companies like NWJ manage personal information in a responsible manner that respects your privacy.

Other legislation applies to your personal information.
Other legislation also applies to your personal information. For instance, if you are applying for a Credit Card or a Store Card, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, and the National Credit Act must be complied with. This means that from time to time we will be obligated to process your personal information in a certain way (or keep it for a certain period).

This notice may change from time to time.
From time to time, we may have to amend this notice to accommodate changes in our business or services or if legal requirements change.

Key Definitions
The following key terms should be read in conjunction with this Notice:

Term Definition
Consent Any voluntary, specific, and informed expression of will in terms of which permission is given by the Customer for the Processing of Personal Information
Data Subject The person (natural or juristic) to whom Personal Information relates.
PAIA The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000).
Personal Information Information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person, and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person as defined in the POPI Act.
Processing / Process of Personal Information Any operation or activity or any set of operations, whether by automatic means, concerning company Personal Information, including— (a) the collection, receipt, recording, organisation, collation, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, alteration, consultation, or use; (b) dissemination by means of transmission, distribution or making available in any other form; or (c) merging, linking, as well as restriction, degradation, erasure, or destruction of Personal Information.
Responsible Party A public or private body or any other person which, alone or in conjunction with others, determines the purpose of and means for Processing your Personal Information.
Special Personal Information
  • The religious or philosophical beliefs, race or ethnic origin, trade union membership, political persuasion, health or sex life / orientation or biometric Personal Information of a Data Subject,
  • The criminal behaviour of a Data Subject to the extent that such information relates to:
    The alleged commission by a Data Subject of any offence; or
    Any proceedings in respect of any offence allegedly committed by a Data Subject or the disposal of such proceedings.
Third Party Any person or juristic entity who works for or provides services to or on behalf of NWJ and receives, or is entitled to receive, remuneration and any other person who assists in carrying out or conducting the business of NWJ on behalf of the Third Party. It includes, without limitation, directors (executive and non-executive), all permanent, temporary, and part-time staff, as well as contract workers appointed by the Third Party.

Personal Information Management

What is being collected?
NWJ collects Personal Information that may be used in the retail processes. This Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, details such as your full name, identity numbers, addresses and other details which could include financial information and banking details.

Where is Personal Information collected from?
When you purchase online or subscribe to our marketing material, we collect the personal information we need to make it happen.

Depending on what you apply for, we require information such as your name, e-mail address, contact numbers, ID or passport number, gender, date of birth, physical address, billing address, payment card details, financial information and history, employment information, communication preferences and language preferences.

We use cookies to optimise your website experience, but you can opt out.
A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser on your device. It may contain some personal details, the contents of your shopping basket and date and time information in an encrypted format, which can be recalled when you return to the NWJ website. This assists in speeding up our identification, ordering and delivery processes.

We use cookies to identify the device you use to connect to our website. We use anonymous cookies to collect data about how you use our website, so that we can improve and optimise your website experience. We use the anonymous DoubleClick cookie and Google Analytics cookie to optimise your web experience and deliver relevant advertising on the Google Display Network based on the activity of visitors to our website.

You can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and out of customized Google Display Network advertising by visiting Google’s Ad Preferences Manager.

We collect information when you contact us to respond to your query.
When you contact us, we collect information that helps us to categorise your query, respond to it and, if applicable, investigate what went wrong. We also use this information to track potential problems and trends to customise our support responses to provide a better service to you.

We don’t collect the information of persons under 18.
We do not collect the information of persons under 18 without the consent of their parents or guardians. If you are under the age of 18 you must not provide personal information to us without the consent of your parent or guardian.

Why is Personal Information collected?
NWJ collects your Personal information:

  • To carry out and manage business operations
  • To fulfil contractual agreement(s)
  • To administer the benefits and services to you

To whom does NWJ disclose your Personal Information?
NWJ may disclose your Personal Information to the following recipients with your duly authorised Consent except when not required to do so by law or legal process. 

  • Subject to the provisions of the POPI Act and related legislation, regulators or judicial commissions of enquiry, any court, administrative or judicial forum, arbitration, statutory commission, or ombudsman making a request for data or discovery in terms of the applicable rules.
  • South African Revenue Services, or any other Government authority.
  • Third Parties with whom NWJ has a contractual relationship for the retention of data and/or provision of relevant business services.
  • Anyone making a successful application for access to information in terms of PAIA.

Safeguard your Personal Information
Maintaining the security of your Personal Information is important to NWJ. Reasonable security safeguards have been implemented to protect your Personal Information. NWJ uses various methods to protect your Personal Information such as: 

  • To protect any data, you store on our servers, NWJ also regularly audits its systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. 

  • NWJ maintains physical and logical security controls to ensure that your Personal Information is protected against unauthorised access, accidental loss, or destruction.

We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. As no system is perfect, we cannot guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

Please note that any e-mail you send to us is not encrypted and may be monitored by us. Please do not send us sensitive or confidential personal information by means of e-mail.

We will inform you if your privacy is ever compromised.

Although we cannot prevent all security threats, we have measures in place to minimise the threat to your privacy. We will let you know of any breaches which affect your personal information.

Cross-Border data transfers
NWJ may require the Processing of your Personal Information in other countries for business purposes. NWJ shall not transfer your Personal Information to a country or territory outside of South Africa unless, that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection of such Personal Information in relation to the Processing of Personal Information as adopted within South Africa and unless, an agreement setting out the terms and conditions of securing the integrity and protection of Personal Information commensurate to South African legislation is concluded between NWJ and the third party to which the Personal Information is transferred. Similarly, this third party may not transfer your Personal Information to another third party within that country or territory for the purposes of their Processing performing part of the third party’s service to NWJ, without prior written authorisation from NWJ. This will ensure that all authorised third parties apply the same level of data security and protection as NWJ on your behalf.

Rights to Privacy

Access to Personal Information
In addition to the rights that PAIA provides, you have the right to request a copy of your Personal Information that NWJ holds about you. Please note that any such access request may be subject to a payment of a nominal fee. NWJ will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you with details of your Personal Information.

Deletion or destruction of your Information
You may request that we delete and destroy any of your Personal Information if you have finalised your relationship with NWJ. NWJ will however retain and use your Personal Information for as long as is necessary to comply with our legal and business obligations, resolve disputes and enforce this Notice.

Quality of Personal Information
NWJ has established procedures to ensure that your Personal Information is as accurate and complete as possible. You are encouraged to regularly check our records for accuracy and ensure any necessary amendments are made to bring your records up to date. Keeping your Personal Information up-to-date and accurate remains your responsibility. 

Reporting incidents
Please let us know immediately if you have reasonable grounds to believe that the Personal Information of a NWJ customer has been accessed or acquired by any unauthorised person within your environment. In turn, NWJ will in turn advise you immediately and keep you informed if there is a reasonable concern that your Personal Information may have been accessed by an unauthorised person.

Access to this Notice
You have the right to request a copy of this Notice.

In the event of a Breach
NWJ takes reasonably practicable security measures to ensure your information privacy. In the event of a Personal Information breach, a designated NWJ official will conduct an internal investigation and provide you with details as to the status of your Personal Information.

Contact Details
For further information, queries, complaints, objections relating to the Processing of your Personal Information you may contact NWJ or the Information Regulator’s office using the following details: 

Contact Details Information Regulator’s Contact Details

Information Privacy Officer
82 Armstrong Avenue
La Lucia
Durban, South Africa

The Information Regulator (South Africa)
SALU Building,
316 Thabo Sehume Street,
Ms Mmamoroke Mphelo
Tel: 012 406 4818
Fax: 086 500 3351